Cello Performance

Sabrina has been performing with orchestras, string ensembles, singer/songwriters, and as a solo artist for over fifteen years.  She brings her passion of cello playing and love of music to every performance, and strives to inspire and create a unique musical experience that everyone will enjoy.  The cello has a warm and rich sound that adds a unique touch of elegance to any occasion. 

Weddings & Special Occasions


  The cello is a wonderful choice for weddings, receptions, corporate functions, holiday celebrations, special occasions, benefits, and much more.  It is a perfect option for both intimate and large settings and is able to fill any space with warm and vibrant sound.  A diverse repertoire of music is available, ranging from classical to popular music selections.  Arrangements of your special or favorite song can also be created upon request.



Additional Performances & Recordings


The cello is the most diverse of all the string instruments and offers a wide musical range, adding a unique sound to any piece of music.  If you are an artist or music director looking to add cello to your performance or recording please feel free to contact me




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